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POS & MPOS Payment Processing Integration

POS Payment Integration. Make the World Your Point of Sale.

Retail point of sale systems are usually a computer, cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, a monitor (touchscreen), a customer display and typically a debit/credit card reader. Other devices can be added to POS systems based on the industry of the merchant. Scales, conveyor belts and laser scanners can be integrated into the point of sale system to account for almost situation. The POS software can be loaded with functionality such as sales, returns, exchanges, gift cards, loyalty cards, layaways, quantity discounts and much more. Recently point of sale has found itself at home on many smartphones such as Android, or apples iPhone. Tablets are beginning to replace cash registers and bar code scanners with sophisticated mobile processing abilities. Today any Android tablet or Apple iPad can be fitted with a credit card reader and begin processing transactions in minutes.

Many industries have standardized on features and functionality specific to their customer base. The hospitality industry has the ability to accept credit cards at the front desk and later charge that card for a meal at the hotel restaruant. Restaurants have the ability to use touch screen displays to use as registers for the customers order with the ability to adjust the sales total for a tip after the customer leaves. Certain retailers might want to facilitate self checkout. Point of sale has revolutionized several industries making inventory tracking, accounting, delivery and billing more streamlined and convenient.

Point of sale carries into accounting with inventory management, checkout equipment, analytics, bookkeeping and even inventory tagging capability with RFID tags. The checkout hardware generally includes a credit card reader of some type, a receipt printer, a cash drawer, a barcode scanner and a PIN pad with integrated debit card swipe reader.

Mobile Point of Sale - Cloud Payments
With a common smartphone or tablet having the ability to be a complete inventory and point of sale system, anyone can be your salesperson. Point of sale systems of old had data stored on site in a server. Today point of sale is Cloud ready. This means your entire inventory and sales force can be available 24/7/365. Payment can be taken anywhere with any device and be in your account in less than 24 hours. This also gives the merchant the ability to monitor orders, inventory levels and financials from anywhere in the world in real time. e-mail your customer their receipt and place their email in your newsletter or future offer rotation for increased loyalty and higher returns on special offers.

National Transaction can provide the software, hardware and support for any point of sale need. We integrate your payment processing into many accounting software titles such as Intuit Quickbooks or Peachtree Accounting. We can also provide integration for any restaurant cash register system and all industry specific solutions. We provide credit card readers for Android, Apple and Blackberry smartphones and tablet devices. We can make the world your point of sale.

  • Track Inventory in Real Time
  • Order Management is a Breeze
  • Print or email receipts
  • Integrated Cash Register or Drawer
  • Capture Customer Information
  • Integrate Barcode Scanning

Point-Of-Sale Processing

Gain complete control of your business from inventory and order management to returns and refunds.

Use your existing devices to save time and money

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Click picture to directed to your choice of POS