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Fraudulent Transaction Prevention Through PCI Security

Make Sure Your Business is complying.

PCI / DSS (Payment Card Industry / Digital Security Standards) were established by the card associations to address the risks associated with theft or loss of credit card data that could then be used for fraudulent activity. All entities, merchants and service providers that store, process, or transmit cardholder data must meet PCI-DSS requirements. If they do not meet the requirements, all fees and fines are to be procured by the merchant account holder. Requirements for certification vary depending on the number of transactions an entity processes, and the way they are processed.

We understand the value of presenting numerous payment options to your customers in today's marketplace. MBN Payment Systems Corporation has multiple options to help you comply with current industry security standards for your electronic payment solutions.

Even with PCI compliance, your business could be exposed to a data breach. Costs for these security breaches average between $25,000 and $50,000 to correct. Our PCI Compliance program comes with the reassurance that we will help you every step of the way once a breach has been discovered.

In the event of a data breach, MBN Payment Systems may be contacted by the involved payment networks as to the nature the breach. We will then contact you to discuss the nature and extent of the security breach and inform you on how to best protect your business. Further, we will put you in touch with qualified forensic investigators who will conduct a thorough analysis to identify the exact system or process that resulted in the security breach so that they may be addressed.

Depending on the level of compliance and coverage, certain payment network fines, fees and assessments will be retained by MBN Payment Systems. These fees may not be passed along to you minimizing the damage to your business and its reputation. Costs of the forensic audit may also be reimbursed as well.