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E-Commerce Payment Gateway


Shopping Cart e-commerce Payment Gateway Processing.

Shopping Carts & e-commerce Payment Gateways.
e-commerce shopping cart payment gateway.
Credit card processing for your e-commerce shopping cart with a payment gateway.
Shopping Cart Transaction Processing Space Gif Simply put, a payment gateway communicates information from one system (like a shopping cart) to another (your merchant services account). As the name gateway suggests, a payment gateway sits between the e-commerce shopping cart software on your web site and your credit card processing merchant services provider on a different network and allows one to speak the language of the other. In doing this, the credit card payment gateway also allows the cardholders issuing bank to talk to your merchant services provider and therefore your bank, so that money can flow from the cardholders bank to your bank account.

The basic flow of processing credit cards through a payment gateway involves just a few basic steps as a transaction.

Step 1 A credit card holder shops a web site catalog by browsing pages of products and clicking 'add to cart' on the items they wish to purchase. The web site's server calculates the costs, gathers additional information such as colors, or sizes and deducts any discounts or sale savings. Next shipping costs are calculated and added to the total. This is very similar to POS systems. Point of sale systems present and track product inventory and services for sale. Typically, a cash register or touch screen display present an

Step 2 The credit card information is submitted by the user including information like the billing address, credit card number, an expiration date, and the credit card's verification code (CVV or CID) code. The CVV code is the code typically a three-digit security code on the reverse side of a Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card. On American Express the code is usually 4 digits on the front of the card.

Step 3 The Shopping Cart contacts the payment gateway with your merchant account ID and the transaction information collected at step 3 along with a total for the order. The gateway then communicates with the card holders bank seeking an approval code for the amount calculated in step 2. Assuming the funds are present, and the information was input correctly, the card holders bank communicates with your merchant services account the approval or decline code. The result of the transaction is sent back to the gateway and in the case of an approval, completes the transactions and allows funds to flow from the customers bank to the merchants’ bank upon settlement (See step 6). Decline codes might be because of a missing number or a wrong number in a date, or credit card number. Decline might also indicate insufficient funds or a credit card that was reported lost or stolen.

Step 4 The cardholder is returned to the original web site shopping cart and shown that the results of the transactions. If an approval was reached this might be the end of the experience. If there were issues such as a decline, the cardholder may need to make corrections or contact their credit card issuer for further instructions like raising their credit card limit.

Step 5 Upon a successful approval... completed and approved credit card transactions are batched and processed at the end or beginning of the day, or they can be processed one at a time at the time of approval. This triggers the transfer of funds from the cardholder’s bank to your merchant service account and into the bank account tied to the merchant account.

Virtual Terminal Processing.

Transparent A Virtual Terminal. Available for all our merchant accounts. This option allows merchants to enter swiped or keyed credit card entries at any internet connected PC or Laptop. Your smartphone such as the Android, BlackBerry and iPhone can be used to process credit card transactions. You can also accept credit cards on your iPad or Android tablet device with our credit card swipe reader. This is the perfect solution for both single order takers or multi user environments allowing a business to scale from a single order taker to multiple call centers processing EBT, debit & credit card orders from multiple locations. Updates and Upgrades are deployed immediately insuring your order takers are using the latest version of the application at every moment.

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Batch Payment Settlement Transparent Upload Batch Transactions. Merchants can enter credit card orders and Batch Upload the orders for processing credit cards all at once. Often, when immediate authorization is not necessary, merchants have the option to upload a batch of credit cards for processing. Orders are taken throughout the day and all credit card processing transactions are submitted at one time for authorization and approval or decline.

Accept recurring payments. Transparent Recurring Orders & credit card payments. For orders or Payments that are billed on a monthly or periodic cycle. Transactions that are billed on a monthly basis like subscriptions are easily handled with our payment gateway solution. Merchants can schedule credit card payments in various ways to handle their own periodic billing cycles.

An e-commerce shopping cart payment gateway can be used to process your credit card orders with a shopping cart or a Buy Now button. In addition, swiped or keyed transactions may also be processed with this solution. These credit card transactions can be handled one at a time, or an entire batch at once and recurring payments are fast and easy. This solution comes with the added benefit of multiple users so that an entire staff can process credit card transactions simultaneously.

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