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Merchant Account Services to Process Card Payments, Electronic Checks & So Much More.
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In Control

Our payment solutions give the flexibility to process on a single credit card terminal or an entire call center. Recurring payments, partial payments or deposits, you gain full control of all your payment processing needs.

Should you encounter an issue, our dedicated support team will be right there to provide the customer service your business deserves.


Process payments on your Android, Apple or Blackberry smartphone or tablet devices anywhere you go. Send receipts to email addresses and harvest valuable data to extend special offers or use our gift and loyalty programs to reward your customers.


Our solutions work with accounting software like Quickbooks and Peachtree as well as Point of Sale systems for restaurants and warehouses. Want more flexibility? Our Mobile Point of Sale solutions from Talech allow your sales force 24/7 access to your inventory and electronic payment processing for round the clock revenue.

Have an online presence? Our Virtual Merchant solution allows merchants to consolidate their payment processing accounts to give a complete picture of billings and collections across the board. Now you can see your complete revenue stream in one powerful tool.

Get Paid Faster

Never miss a sale. Process payments with MBN and have 100% of your cash in your account, the next business day.

Use Your Devices

Lower costs by using tablets, smartphones, laptops and PCs you already own. Process your payment from anywhere in the world.


We’re the best. Just ask our customers and hear what they have to say about our incredible service and great value.

Cloud Solutions

Our Virtual Merchant and Merchant Connect cloud based tools offer an intuitive interface to all your pending and processed payment details.

Gift & Loyalty Programs

Increase repeat visits and revenue with our Gift Cards and Loyalty Rewards programs or offer new incentives to your employees.

Anywhere You Are

Internet connected devices anywhere in the world can process electronic transactions with our Virtual Merchant solution.

MBN Payment System: We Are Electronic Payment Processing

Accept payments wherever you are with security and piece of mind for you and your customers. Flexible solutions that empower your business growth and world class support for complex integrations and answers to your toughest questions. Get personalized treatment from our payment advisors so your electronic payments work the way you do. We offer transparent pricing and services that work with your existing technology to provide a low cost automated billing and collection solution.

Our one stop portfolio of payment services allow you to process any electronic transaction from checks and cards to our industry best gift card and customer loyalty programs. With just a glance, our intuitive web based Virtual Merchant provides an overview of every aspect of your payments and controls to make your employees more productive, from anywhere in the world. Merchant Connect reporting software consolidates sales online, in store and on the go with powerful tools to make reconcilliation as simple as possible. Never miss a sale, get great service at a great price with MBN Payment System.

Our Services:

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Debit & EBT Card Processing
  • Electronic Check & ACH Transfers
  • Gift Card & Loyalty Programs
  • Point of Sale Integrations
  • e-commerce Payment Gateways
  • Merchant Cash Advances & Loans
  • PCI DSS Security Compliance
  • Virtual Merchant Cloud Based Terminal
  • Merchant Connect Reporting Tool
  • Transcription Services

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Show pricing in their currency accept payments in yours

Gift Card & Loyalty Programs

Use Gift Cards or Loyalty Rewards to keep customers returning.

Merchant Cash Advances & Loans

Advances or Loans to Help You Reach Your Business Goals.

Merchant Connect Reporting Tool

Locate or Monitor Every Detail of Your Transaction Processing With One Tool.

Debit & EBT Card Processing

Process any card payment from Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express and more.

Point of Sale Integrations

POS or Mobile Point of Sale Solutions to Automate Your Sales Force.

PCI DSS Security Compliance

Fraud Prevention and Security Compliance Testing to Protect Your Business from Theft.

Transcription Services

Transcribe Hand Written or Voice Recorded Notes to Digital Files of Your Choice.

Electronic Check & ACH Transfers

No more runs to the bank, process checks electronically and never leave your office.

e-commerce Payment Gateways

Shopping Cart Payment Gateways Handle Your Internet e-commerce Transactions.

Virtual Merchant Cloud Based Terminal

Cloud Based Virtual Terminal Lets You Run a Transaction or an Entire Call Center.
Free Monthly Reporting $0.00
Free Setup $0.00
Annual Fee $0.00
Cancellation Fee $0.00
On File Fee $0.00
Monthly Fee $5.00
Customer Service Fee $5.00
Gateway Fee (optional) $10.00
Transaction Fee $0.25
PCI Compliance Fee $7.50
Reg Debit .05 %
Non Reg Debit .50 %
Retail Credit Card 1.50 %
MOTO Mail Order 2.50 %
Non Qual Call  for Quote
American Express Call for Quote

Visa Interchange Rates
MasterCard Interchange Rates
Discover Interchange Rates

Point of sale integrations allow your existing infrastructure of cash registers, receipt printers, credit card terminals and software to work with our payment gateway for a seamless migration. Want to automate your sales force? We provide Mobile Point of Sale solutions that work within your facilities and abroad connecting in house and romaing sales forces to your inventory and ordering systems into a consistent interface. Get up to the second reports on quotes, sales and processing data for the ultimate omni channel experience.
We offer many e-commerce payment gateways to connect your shopping cart to your merchant account. Using our Virtual Merchant solution ties your in store, on the go and e-commerce payments into one tool for both processing and reporting. With one account you can swipe credit cards into your payment terminal or Point of Sale system, even MPOS systems, along with your e-commerce payment processing and your mobile processing. This allows oversight of all your processing in one familiar place giving you omni channel processing abilities.

Use Your Own Devices and Save

Our Virtual Merchant Mobile solution extends our Virtual Merchant offering allowing mobile devices like Apple or Google smartphones and tablets to easily and securely accept all major credit card, debit card, ebt card, gift cards and electronic check payments, anywhere in the world, at any time. With our encrypted mobile device card readers you can swipe card transactions at lower rates with a PCI compliant solution that secures your customers card data safely, end to end. Receipts can be printed via bluetooth or internet connected printers or you can harvest valuable customer data by emailing receipts and re-use the data for cross promotions and repeat visits. Keying in transactions? We’ve got you covered. Our intuitive interface also allows merchants keyed transactions providing extended flexibility in English, Spanish and French languages for customer and merchant familiarity. You can even capture signatures right on your screen. With Virtual Merchant Mobile you can collect card data for entry at a later point in time, perform sales, refunds, pre-authorizations, tax calculations, tip adjustments, recurring payments and so much more with purchase descriptions, invoice numbers and address details for further insight on payment activities. You’re in control with a device manager that permits or denies devices processing transactions and unlimited devices to support growth in businesses large and small.

Ease heavy seasonal activity using your own devices by temporarily adding your own devices creating new terminals to handle the load without adding cost. Handling more transactions in the same time frame means smaller lines with faster checkout and increased employee productivity which means happier customers. Processing on the go makes trade shows and seminar sales a snap run a single terminal or an entire call center and mobile sales force from one merchant account.

Our Free mobile app, Virtual Merchant Mobile is tightly integrated with our Virtual Merchant and Merchant Connect offerings giving your business an ‘omni-channel’, one stop merchant solution. You can download the free mobile app from Google’s play store or Apple’s iTunes app store for your Apple or Google based smartphone and tablet. With one account your business can process face to face card swiped transactions, mobile payments on-the-go and an online shopping cart payment gateway for the ultimate secure payment processing acceptance service. Track customer trends, inventory while increasing your understanding of customer buying habits and discovering trends that prepare you for customer demands. Sell more widgets on Mondays? Our reporting tool will help you spot those trends and much more while you manage your payment processing.

Security and PCI/DSS compliance are at the heart of all our products. No card data is stored on any device reducing fraudulent charges, chargebacks and hacking risks to your business. All card data is stored in our secure data center away from your business with strict PCI compliance utilizing end to end encryption (E2EE) and tokenization reducing exposure to losses and minimizing your customers risk at the same time. Our ongoing world class support is available 24/7 365 should you ever encounter an issue or have questions about your payment processing.

About us

MBN Payment System was founded in 1997 to help businesses of all sizes with their cash flow. The goal was to make any transaction as effective and efficient as possible. The mission was to make digital transactions reliable and simple to the merchant and familiar to the consumer, reducing the complexity and expense to both.


MBN Payment System
Address: 6065 Roswell Rd Atlanta GA 30328
Telephone: 800-974-0686
Fax: 954-507-1084


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